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Teens With Hair Loss

The number of teens experiencing hair loss is rising rapidly. While many teenage girls still enjoy the long, thick, bouncy locks associated with youth, other teens are in despair as the volume of their hair seems to decrease more and more each day. Some complain that they have barely enough strands left to make a [...]

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Hair Loss: Causes and Treatment

Permanent or temporary hair loss can occur for many different reasons, and sometimes hair loss can be reversed, depending on the cause. Hair loss and baldness have been problems for both men and women for centuries, and there is still no sure-fire cure for hair loss. However, there are treatments for hair loss and baldness [...]

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Female Hair Loss: The Causes/The Answers

Female Hair Loss:  Is your bath or sink full of hair?  Hair feeling thin and lacks body and shine?  Modern society loves a full head of beautiful hair on a woman, thick glossy hair is associated with radiant health, which is a little unfair for all of those people who don't have good genes or [...]

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What is Alopecia Areata – Hair Loss

What is it?Alopecia Areata is a  disease  that causes  hair   loss . It usually affects the scalp, but can also affect other areas of the body that have hair. The  hair   loss  is quite rapid, and occurs in patches.Who can get it? Anyone at any age can get alopecia areata. Most often, young adults and children [...]

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Treating Hair Loss in a Dog

 Hair   loss  in dogs is a problem encountered by veterinarians and dog owners around the world. Shampoo that promotes hair growth in dogs is salable and widespread in local stores. Dogs can have bald patches called alopecia, like the ones that most men get when they reach a certain age.Shampoo that promotes hair growth can [...]

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Autoimmune Disorders Causing Hair Loss

There are a number of autoimmune disorders causing hair loss today. In this article, I will explore the autoimmune disorders that greatly increase hair loss. Alopecia Areata (AA) This is the first thing that springs to most people's mind when they hear of autoimmune disorders. This condition most often manifests itself in hair loss that [...]

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